BTCF is on the front lines of changing public dialogue and view on eating disorders! We are a creative and artistic grassroots movement! With your help, we can give voice to the silence of eating disorders and how those who suffer in an artistic engaging emergence of looking at what one goes through on the inside rather than on the outside.

Eating disorders are creative, so let’s be even more creative and light the light to shine brightly on areas that are so desperately in need of healing and recovery!


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Breaking The Chains is now actively raising money to facilitate the following:

• To help and facilitate how our mission gets out globally.
• Introduce our programs and projects in various communities and facilities
• Increase our outreach in various communities and facilities.
• Present our artistic projects like Finding Alice to high schools, colleges, and other facilities along with providing participants and attendees with engaging material.
• Produce and promote more of our artistic projects and create avenues to showcase them as education, raising awareness, recovery and self-discovery tools and outlets.
• Inspire and connect with us via our online forum building communities to further our mission and rid the stigma attached to eating disorders.
• Provide those struggling with an eating disorder inspirational tools that motivate, aide, and become resources for their healing and recovery.
• Provide parents, teachers, health and clinical specialists educational and communicative tools to truly understand how to help those they love who are suffering from an eating disorder.

Presently, we are raising money to help facilitate our development of a grassroot tour
with our award-winning short film, Finding Alice with BTCF Celebrity Spokesperson/Actress, Jillian Rose Reed and BTCF Founder/President, Debra Hopkins. As well as additional material that promotes and supports changing the conversation and face of eating disorders.

Your donation will allow us to continue raising awareness, advocating for access to quality programming, works of art, serving as the leading source of creative expression that inspires, motivates, and implements help and hope across the nation. With the generous support of donors like you, we are able to support those struggling with an eating disorder and hopefully save lives.


Everyone on our board is very passionate about serving our mission and the cause. Each board member brings a different dynamic to BTCF. Some needs in certain areas are listed below that will help us better serve our community and keep the foundation strong and thriving. We are actively looking for the following:

1. Social Media Specialist and/or Social Media Coordinator
2. Financial Manager
3. Marketing Expert
4. Video Editor
5. You Tube Coordinator
6. Grant Writer
7. Proposal Writer
8. Community Outreach Liaisons

• Celebration of Recovery
• Celebration of Self-Discovery
• Celebration of Healing
• Celebration of Voice

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