Laurie Wollman, LCPC, BC-TMH

Laurie Wollman is the Regional Assistant Vice President at The Renfrew Center and is stationed in Baltimore, Maryland.  The Renfrew Center has been the pioneer in the treatment of eating disorders since 1985, with a core focus on empowering women to change their lives.  Joining Renfrew in 2016 as Site Director of The Renfrew Center of Baltimore, she has more than 22 years of experience in the mental health field, working in a variety of settings including Residential, Outpatient, and Partial Day in both direct care and management, as well as educational. Laurie has extensive experience with the child and adolescent population and has served in management positions for the past 16 years. Additionally, she is Co-Chair of the Centennial Gala Executive Committee for Camps Airy and Louise, serves on the board of her Homeowners Association, and coaches her daughter’s basketball team.