Breaking the Chains is a unified global non-profit foundation using art as the process to unmask the stigma of individuals affected by eating disorders. Creative genres like film, painting, poetry, music, and dance will inspire the global community to use art as an outlet for the darkness that lies dormant. One by one, hand in hand, we will champion the rediscovery of self-love, self-acceptance, and respect — sharing a healing journey that will break the chains, one link at a time.

BTCF celebrates the inner beauty and self-love in every person affected by eating disorders. We are a positive and inspiring platform for social and global movement, creating on various levels with artistic campaigns, art based projects, events, outreach, and utilizing an online forum. We are embracing and bringing art into every area that touches our lives so this grassroots movement emerges forth and transcends into the various generational cultures that will create global neighborhoods of healing, recovery, and enriched communication.



In order to change the face of eating disorders, we need to change the conversation. Art is inspiration; it inspires. Art speaks to our need to reveal, heal, and transform. With tools of self-expression through a variety of art forms, one can explore their inner most thoughts and feelings where limitless potential soars and thrives. With eating disorders, these tools are used to out-perform the negativity and captivity so that daily living is enjoyed, embraced, and expressed in self-giving ways, rather than self-harming ways.


Knowledge is power. Through our Young Hollywood campaigns, BTCF is working to educate youth centered around prevention with some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest young celebrities. It’s slogan, “Turn it around before it starts,” is to inspire and encourage youth that before you hurt yourself, before negativity sets in, before an eating disorder or addiction can manifest itself, turn it around!


We believe full recovery is possible and achievable! While it looks and feels different for every person, the goal is for each individual to be able to access their personal strengths and align actions with their unique values. Being “recovered” is the goal, which moves first to restored health then beyond restored health to healed. Healed means the body is free from illness and the mind and spirit are free to thrive.

BTCF is about changing the conversation and stigma attached to eating disorders through a journey of self- discovery and creativity. We see beyond what is on the outside, but rather focus on what it feels like on the inside. With gentle support, we can tap into this disease and discover the truth of where it may have begun for a person so that journey and stigma that could be attached starts to be unwrapped and healing can begin. This is where a person can really start to focus on the limitless possibilities in recovery. As a foundation, we hope to connect individuals who feel isolated to others who are in recovery or understand their struggle as a way to have courage to start experiencing the many positive outcomes of a life without an eating disorder.


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