Our Services

Our vision is a world of healing, recovery, and authentic connection!

Transforming Our Culture and Raising Awareness 

  • Guest Speakers: Debra Hopkins, Jillian Rose Reed, Dr. Gia Marson
  • Live Performances:
  • Alex Little’s “7 Chairs” 8 minute dance.
  • “Elements of Expression” – Acoustic/Vocal Music Storytelling with various musicians/singers. (available in person and virtual)
  • Films: “Beyond Existence: Body” – a short film created and performed by Arielle Bodenhausen and directed by Kenneth Mader
  • Fine Art: Paintings: pieces for auction and/or purchase for lobbies, group rooms, showrooms, galleries, and events.

Individual Wellbeing.  Prevention & Healing. Transforming Ourselves

  • Online Video & Workbook Program: How To Love Your Selfie w/ Jillian Rose Reed – An evidence based online interactive video/workbook program for ages 15 – 22
  • Workshops:
  •  “The 7 Chairs Experience” with Alex Little & various guest artists (can be tailored to 45 min, 1 hour, 90 min, 2 hours, day, or retreat)
  • “Developing a Healthy Growth Mindset Around Strength, Fitness, and Movement” with Krista Stryker, CPT & Founder of 12 Minute Athlete.
  • Live Virtuals: “Inside Out” –  A movement workshop for connection & renewal – offered both virtual and in person taught by artists and sisters Devon and Alex Little. 
  • Books: Finding Alice – a book based on creator/writer Debra Hopkins’ experience as a young girl with a disoriented sense of visual perception, commonly referred to as, The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

***Coming soon!
***Workshops – Dance, Paint, Music, and Mirrors (DPMM) – A creative-expression workshop for all


  • Campaigns: awareness, intervention and prevention art-based campaigns via various forms of social media platforms – live streams, video, digital feature layouts, PSA’s and more.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships with like-minded mission aligned organizations, businesses, and brands for such things as events, panels, virtuals, seminars, workshops, music, film, and other various art forms.

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