Live Performances


Created by Master Choreographer & Board Member Alex Little
Anonymous is a 90-minute dance performance that draws its inspiration from the vulnerable, compassionate, and even joyful experience that can occur when people meet in confidence to help one another work through their inner struggles.

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Each cohort of Anonymous performers creates a unique performance experience, because each dancer brings their personal experience to the choreography of their movement. Through the art of dance, the performers invite the audience into their “anonymous” meeting where they narrate both pain and healing surrounding challenges such as addiction, trauma, and more.

In the compiling and co-creation of the performance, the performers were asked: “If you were to share something about yourself in a room full of strangers, and you were confident that you and your story would remain anonymous, what would you say?” And in this performance, they “say” their piece through movement.

Anonymous is based upon the belief (and science) that we further our healing simply by sharing our story in the presence of those who can bear witness with compassion – and that those in the role of “witness” tend to experience healing as well. We hope that is your experience if you choose to attend!