Breaking The Chains Foundation presents

“The 7 Chairs Experience” Workshop

Workshop: The 7 Chairs Experience taught by Alex Little and various guest teachers

What:  Workshop (can be tailored to 45 min, 1 hour, 90 min, 2 hours, day, or retreat)

Goal: To explore what our unique hearts and minds want to communicate through the art of dance and movement


Created by Choreographer/Master Dance Teacher and Board Member of Breaking The Chains Foundation, Alex Little, the 7 Chairs Experience was born from Alex’s personal experience, wherein she found that communal gatherings often activate or assist in individual healing. In this workshop, Alex creates a safe yet brave space in which participants have the opportunity to connect with themselves and one another through art and movement. By exploring, sharing, and receiving stories of both struggle and victory, participants are reminded that… WE ARE NOT ALONE! The 7 Chairs Experience is grounded in the same values and principles as the 7 Chairs Performance. After engaging in this real-time interpersonal storytelling experience, participants will leave with more understanding, compassion, and creative strategies for healing.

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