Breaking The Chains Foundation presents



INSIDE OUT: a movement and dance workshop for every body

Goals: To experience movement and dance as resources for connection and renewal.

Description:  Join artists and sisters Devon and Alex on a facilitated experience (accompanied by music) during which you will give yourself permission to move freely, listen to your body and have fun. Dance and movement have been proven to calm the nervous system and cultivate resilience. Moving can also help us tap into a deeper, wise part of ourselves. Every Body is welcome, and no prior dance experience is needed.

Audiences: 14 +


“I had such a blast in your workshop! It was so relaxing and so fun. Thank you.”

“Your (Devon and Alex) presence’ gave people the space and vulnerability to be open, explore and share. My heart feels so much lighter now.”

“It was the best group Zoom/virtual experience I have had to date. The experience felt like an opportunity to continue healing… and to pay attention to the inner sensations of my body when I move, letting go of my inner (very critical) voice.”

“Today’s workshop was so beautiful. Almost even better that we did it virtually (on Zoom) in our own spaces because I couldn’t be influenced by anyone else’s movements or expectations.”

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