Breaking The Chains Foundation presents


WHAT:   Book available for download in a vertical or horizontal version

GOAL: To provide a unique visual story to aid those affected by eating disorders, negative body image relationships, and co-occurring conditions.

AUDIENCE: 12 and up

Creator/Writer: Debra Hopkins
Photographer: Amy Barnard
Actors: Jillian Rose Reed, Erin Sanders, and August Emerson

Finding Alice is based on creator/writer Debra Hopkins’ experience as a young girl with a disoriented sense of visual perception, commonly referred to as, The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

As Alice sits, suffocating and rendered helpless, at a tea party made of industrialized metal, mortar and steel, she struggles with the entities that dwell within her.

The time and discovery at the tea party take her on a journey that unlocks the key to finding the true meaning of herself and embracing her freedom. Tea time will never be the same!

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