“Eating disorders are, to be blunt, like fingerprints: each one is unique because each individual who suffers is a one-of-a-kind.  There are millions afflicted and no two alike.  This category of disease spans the globe, hence the need to show the entire planet encircled by the chains of this monster.  But women (yes, men suffer as well, but let’s be honest…societal pressures on women are far more effective in creating and aiding these disorders) are taking more and more control everyday and pulling the links of that chain apart.  Dancing (as they’re doing here) singing, writing…art in all of its forms plays an enormous role in the healing process but perhaps nothing will be more effective at destroying these disorders than the simple act of talking with one another and to the world at large.  If we truly desire to remove the shame and stigma we have to start the conversation and keep it going.  It’s the duty of everyone who suffers and the duty of those who care about them.  So basically…everyone.  Grab a link and break it!”

Carolyn Hennesy, Breaking The Chains Foundation Board Member/Celebrity Ambassador

BTCF “Grab a Link and Break It” T-shirt designed by Carolyn Hennesy and art by Ellen Spencer.  Comes in  different styles and many colors!