Brilliant Freedom Totes available now in support of Breaking the Chains Foundation.


“Strive not to be a success, but to be of value.” These are the important words of Albert Einstein, who was not only a genius in the guiding principles of the universe but in life as well. His words resonate and are crucial to the Be Brilliant brand. We love designing our products and helping present choices and solutions for women so they feel their most beautiful and empowered on the go. But there’s more. So much more. We’re on a mission to share and to encourage. We’re proud to announce our affiliation with Breaking the Chains Foundation in Los Angeles. It’s a partnership you’ll be hearing much more for many years to come. Our conversation began with BTC founder Debra Hopkins at the 2015 Emmy gifting suite where we were chosen to gift our bags to celebs. The more we heard, the more we were inspired. Not only by Debra’s passion, but also her sheer vision and determination to see her project through and to help other women who suffer, often in great pain, isolation and silence, from the fear and pain of eating disorders.
Sound familiar – a fearless woman pushing hard to make her dreams of helping others come true? We thought so, too. So after months of talks and strategizing, Be Brilliant is partnering with Breaking the Chains Foundation. Fabulous new projects that will launch in the year ahead. We are honored to be partnered in this journey and to meet men and women all fighting to improve awareness of eating disorders through art.
Breaking the Chains believes that through dance, music, writing, fashion, and all sorts of creative mediums that women and men can break the chains of eating disorders. This occurs worldwide. As you might imagine, there’s lots of work to do on this issue, life-saving work, and we are excited to be a partner of this amazing organization. Through the art of fashion, Breaking the Chains Foundation has partnered with Be Brilliant Bags to create the Brilliant Freedom Tote, which generates $100 for each bag sold to seed the foundation. The tote is adorned with a wearable piece of art — a three-charm necklace, designed by actress/author Carolyn Hennessy that tells the story of the struggle and ultimate freedom that someone with an eating disorder experiences. The Brilliant Freedom Tote is also made available as a gift to women in recovery. It serves as a lifestyle tote that includes a variety of artistic tools that will encourage self-discovery as women continue their recovery after completing in-patient treatment.
We’re creating an opportunity to help others and also carrying out our own Be Brilliant GLO philosophy. After all, the “G” in our GLO stands for “give to others.” And with this next step, that’s what we are doing. Founders of Be Brilliant Bags – Marsa Truscott and Andrea Billups