Breaking The Chains Foundation Presents

The Truth About Self Love

Seminar: How To Love Your Selfie – with Jillian Rose Reed

What: a 30-MINUTE interactive seminar with a 15 min Q and A

Goal: To inspire young people to use social media for all of its positive effects and help youth live their lives to the fullest both on and offline

Audience: 12– 25 years old male and female

How to love your selfie with Jillian Rose Reed

Jillian Rose Reed is an award winning actress, blogger and social media influencer. Jillian always knew that as soon as she was given a platform and a voice, she wanted to use that voice to inspire and help others! Early on in her career, she used her social media to spread awareness about causes she was passionate about, like finding a cure for diabetes, becoming the celebrity spokesperson for Breaking The Chains, and inspiring young people to get more active in their communities! Now, with an online reach of almost 1 million, an active blog, and an Instagram she uses to promote self-love, Jillian has learned how to take all the negative that comes with social media, and turn it into a positive! In this 45 minute Interactive Seminar, Jillian will talk to young people about self love, body confidence, shaking off internet trolls, and how to live your best life both on and off the internet!

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