“Much of our suffering arises from attempting to control something that is not in our control…let things just be” – Bailey Spinn

Bailey Spinn is a TikTok Star & Content Creator, Comedian, Singer, and Suicide Prevention and Eating Disorder Advocate. She is known for her viral comedic skits and POV videos, quickly becoming one of the top creators with over 13 million followers as well as 2 million YouTube subscribers.  Spinn has already gained notice from outlets such as CNN, USA Today, ET Canada, Allure, The New York Post, The Sun, and Miami Living Magazine to name a few. She took part in the first-ever Tik Tok panel at Los Angeles Comic Con and has collaborated with top brands such as Steve Madden, Princess Polly, Aeropostale, Curology, and Netflix. Her own family experience has led her to become a passionate advocate for suicide prevention and she hopes to use her platform to bring awareness to eating disorders.

It was such a joy getting to know Bailey and her passion for her craft, her dreams, and the challenges she has overcome.  Having a large social media following is something she takes very seriously as it is her goal to always be authentic even if that is expressing her own insecurities so that others don’t feel that they are alone while encouraging self-confidence in others.  Thank you, Bailey, for being honest about your own struggles and sharing such an inspirational and fun interview with us!  We look forward to hearing more about your new music and seeing you continue to soar! Click here for Bailey’s interview.