“I am enough”


GG Townson is a Los Angeles native and actress whose family business is entertainment. Her grandfather, Ronald Townson, was a founding member of the iconic 1960’s vocal group The 5th Dimension.  Currently, GG can be seen starring as the iconic hip hop artist, “Salt” in the highly anticipated Lifetime biopic, Salt-N-Pepa! She also has the recurring role of Lil Jewel in CW’s hit series All American.  Adding to her long list of credits, GG stars in the upcoming comedy feature film, Welcome Matt.

GG is full of life, an explorer, an adventurer, and a bit of a thrill seeker, for no mountain or tree is too high for her to climb! Watch out Six Flags here she comes!  To quote her, “I am that person”.   She is funny, smart, engaging, creative, kind, beautiful, outspoken and a joy to interview.  Her compassion and passion for the things that mean the most to her radiates through and through, and she looks forward to building her own non-profit for women and young girls in the near future.  There is no doubt she will continue to soar!  Thank you, GG, for this candid, open and inspirational chat!

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  • Courtesy of Lifetime Salt-N-Pepa
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