Jenna Rose Simon

“Don’t bother breaking the door down. I found my way out” – Evanescence.

Jenna Rose Simon is a professional artist and author, eating disorder advocate, & teacher. When one of her drawings went viral, she found herself quickly being featured on numerous media outlets and programs including ABC news and Good Morning America.  Before she knew it, her work had created deep thought-provoking world impact.

Jenna is not only a truly gifted artist, but a warrior whom has transformed her tremendous suffering she endured in her life into pillars of hope, awareness, dedication, care, devotion, and love to global communities that suffer from eating disorders, abuse, trauma, and mental illness.  Her art speaks on its own, yet she continues to share deep narratives because she will no longer be silent.  She is super intelligent and well-spoken too!  Much love Jenna xo

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