Krista Stryker

Krista Stryker is is an NSCA-CPT and a leading expert on high intensity interval training (HIIT) and bodyweight fitness.

Krista is the author of the new book, The 12-Minute Athlete: Get Fitter, Faster, and Stronger Using HIIT and Your Own Bodyweight from Tiller Press/Simon & Schuster. She is the founder of 12 Minute Athlete and the 12 Minute Athlete app as well as a writer, TV guest/host, and motivational speaker.

From trying her first push up in college, to teaching herself to do pull ups and handstands, Krista is living proof of her philosophy that everybody is an athlete. She is passionate about the power of exercise and movement to help build confidence, perseverance, mental and physical strength, as well as inner joy.

Krista has been featured in The New York Post, The Washington Post, SHAPE Magazine, Train Magazine, Muscle & Fitness HERS, and on ESPN and Mindbodygreen, among many others. She can be found online at and @12minuteathlete.

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