Mary Basmadjian

‘I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t experience things that I did.”

Mary Basmadjian is an Armenian-American standup comedian, actor, writer, and producer. She has been a fixture of the Los Angeles comedy circuit for 10 years and recently rose to fame with her hilariously accurate reflection of the Armenian diaspora subculture. Her nuanced approach articulates the immigrant experience in a way that transcends cultural barriers. Mary lives, works, and produces from Los Angeles, California and is available to travel for events. She performs locally in some amazing venues such as Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank and many others.

Chatting with Mary is a complete joy!  She is incredibly warm, kind, funny, and compassionate.  On screen she portrays these rich and colorful characters that don’t hold back on their daily life experiences, while off-screen Mary is soft-spoken and leans into a conversation with great ease and interest.  She is passionate about her own wellness and healing process and often can be seen going on Instagram Lives with Keystone Treatment Center sharing her own stories around body image and mental health stigma. Mary is truly beautiful inside and out and we look forward to seeing this comedic star continue to shine!

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