Valerie Montgomery

“Play is the zest of life, Emotions are the heart of life, Thinking is the support of life, Spirituality is the soul of life, Connection is the balm of life. Nurture these areas and you will experience the joy of life.” – Valerie Bringas Montgomery


Valerie Montgomery, BSW, MA, NCC, LPC is the owner of Beyond Beautiful PLLC for over 15 years providing individual and group counseling focusing on women including Holistic Guideship, Developmental Healing as well as a Neurotypical Partner Advocate in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is also an educator, poet, and consultant.

She received her Master of Arts in Counseling and Human Services, and Mental Health Counseling at the University of Colorado, and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work at Auburn University.

Valerie grew up experiencing a rich family structure learning domestic arts such as macrame, ceramics, sewing, and quilting.  Within her practice, she is an accomplished poet, writer, and painter.  All of which became a personal evolution involving speaking to various communities on a variety of topics.  Click here to learn more.

In June 2023, using her own case study, she presented a poster she created about her prenatal and perinatal trauma at The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) Conference. The APPPAH also invited her to speak at their APPPAH “Monday Live” as the speaker.

It was a joy chatting with Valerie and learning about her wide range of abilities, services, and creativity she implements in her work each and every day.  She has a deep desire to share with others who are on their path to finding their life’s purpose and strength!

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