Nathalie Rodriguez


“Walk, each step with purpose and the next with conviction, show us who you were, are, and will be.” – Miles Carter


Nathalie Rodriguez is an 18-year-old very busy up and coming Los Angeles based photographer.   Her photography has shown her great value and patience for creating.  While both working as a photographer and attending college, it has also taught her responsibility, and the need for balance and motivation. Nathalie is a featured photographer for Orenda Media Magazine

Nathalie recently contributed her time, talent, and energy to BTCF on our video/workbook program “How To Love Yourselfie” and is a joy to work with! Nathalie has an incredibly positive and joyful outlook on life while also understanding the struggles of her generation and the world around her.  To catch a glimpse of Nathalie working behind the scenes, check out her Tiktok.  Thank you, Nathalie for taking the time to share and chat with us! We look forward to seeing you bloom and soar! Click here for Nathalie Rodriguez’s interview

  • Photo credit @aglimpseofnat Nathalie Rodriguez