Taylor Floyd

“There is no time like the present.” -Unknown

Taylor Floyd is an amazing dancer and creator. She just graduated with her Associates Degree in addition to being on the honor roll and awarded Valedictorian! Taylor began dancing at the age of 2 and has performed in various productions and numerous dance competitions.  We were honored to have her perform for Breaking The Chains Foundation in our very own Alex Little’s live dance piece “7 Chairs”.  Her ability to speak volumes through dance and movement doesn’t stop there as her main focus of study is American Sign Language with a passion to work in this field to help those communicate in the best possible way.

BTCF first met Taylor in 2018 while performing in 7 Chairs and had the pleasure of having her participate in our art-based workshops.  Her smile, joy and passion for life is contagious!   We look forward to seeing her journey continue to blossom and wish her the best of luck pursuing her AMS education and career!

Click here for Taylor Floyd’s interview