Courtney Hope Breaks Unhealthy Patterns

Soap Hub’s Wellness Wednesday: Courtney Hope Breaks Unhealthy Patterns

The Young and the Restless’s Sally Spectra is like a human tornado leaving a path of destruction wherever she goes, but Courtney Hope who portrays her is all about finding an emotional and physical balance in life. In this week’s installment of Soap Hub’s Wellness Wednesday, we’ll explore her journey.

Courtney Hope: Breaking Unhealthy Cycles

Courtney Hope recently celebrated another trip around the sun. With birthdays come reflection and she took a moment to acknowledge her journey in life so far, “Enjoying my last few days of 31. 😌🏝✨”

Things haven’t always been easy for Hope. An appearance on Maurice Benard’s (Sonny, GH) State of Mind YouTube show revealed that she has struggled with anxiety (to the point of relying on medication for relief) and eating disorders that wreaked havoc on her body and her emotional well-being.

“I broke my body down. I had so many injuries from over-exercising,” shared Hope. “That is where I made a mission to myself that I am bound and determined to be healthy. And whatever that means for me.”

The fiery redhead is very action-oriented and decided to tackle the issues head-on. “I am a pillar of loving health and wellness and this is not that.” She weaned herself off the medication she was taking, under the supervision of her doctor, and strived to maintain a healthy balance between exercise, eating, and meditation.

Balancing Mind, Body, And Spirit

“Meditation and deep breathing are huge lifestyle supporters for me,” Hope shared on Instagram. “Self-care is so important. You are always worth the love.” She talked about the importance of therapy and how just hearing yourself say something out loud can be cathartic.

Courtney Hope is also a spokesperson for Breaking The Chains Foundation, an organization focused on bringing awareness to eating disorders from an art-based community. “I love it. Especially now with social media, body image is so crucial to talk about.”

Her social media posts are peppered with positive and inspiring quotes for fans such as, “Dream outside the box. The world is your playground” and “I am so grateful for my ever-evolving connection to every living thing around me. It reminds me of the beauty and depth of this life. Keep exploring.”

Hope still maintains a very active lifestyle but is careful not to overdo it. More importantly, through social media, she shares her lessons and triumphs along the way, “Take care of yourself this weekend. Stretch, drink water, listen to your favorite song, take your vitamins, read a refreshing book, step outside to hear the sounds of nature, surround yourself with people you love, take 5 minutes to breathe deeply every day, sit in silence for 10 minutes and feel your body from the inside out. Do whatever sets your soul on fire and calms your mind.”

For more information on Breaking The Chains Foundation click here. Check out more of Courtney Hope’s Instagram posts below.

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