Alex Little

“By acknowledging the power of others’ presence, we begin seeing and listening to one another and we, individually are more and more willing to be seen and heard.”

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BTCF sat down and chatted with International Dance Master Teacher/Choreographer and Breaking The Chains Foundation Board Member, Alex Little to discuss everything “7 Chairs, her creative process, and what inspires her! Click here for Alex’s feature interview.

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MIKE COLLINS: Co-Owner of Shockboxx Gallery

Established in March 2017 by Mike Collins and Laura Schuler, ShockBoxx continues to host several emerging artist group shows and solo shows each month and has become a destination for those seeking a night of culture in the South Bay. Showcasing themes that are rarely found elsewhere. ShockBoxx features artists in popup style shows which always leaves patrons wishing for more.

BTCF sat down and chatted with Mike about his art and more.  Click here for Mike’s feature interview.

Mike’s next show is March 23rd, 5 – 9pm. Visit the for more information.

Being a Creative Introvert with Marlowe Peyton

Meet the multi-talented Marlowe Peyton. In addition to her acting career, she is also a talented singer, songwriter, producer, and animator. With a long list of acting credits and her first animated project “Parker Bubblegum” accepted into the 2018 AOF Film Festival she is well on her way to success. Marlowe is a member of the Young Hollywood campaign for Breaking the Chains Foundation. Hear what she had to say when BTCF sat down and asked her some questions about being a creative teen, Creative Teens In Motion.

Marlowe officially started her acting career at the age of four and has continued to work on both large and small screens ever since. She has been blessed with the opportunity to have worked with some very prestigious directors; Christopher Columbus, Alan Poul, Alisa Statman, Pamela Fryman, Randall Einhorn, Paul McCrane, Nahnatchka Khan to name a few.

All of those incredible experiences and her love of animation and storytelling have led her to create “Parker Bubblegum.” Marlowe is an avid illustrator, writer and singer/songwriter, who is greatly inspired by Alex Hirsch, Rebecca Sugar, and Mel Brooks.

For the past 2 years Marlowe has been carefully crafting the world of “Parker Bubblegum,” which has been nominated at two major film festivals for “Best Animated Short” -Action On Film Festival and “Best Children’s Film” – Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival in addition to these Marlowe has also been nominated in both festivals for “Best Young Filmmaker” which is a testament to her work as the creator, illustrator, writer, actor, and director of “Parker Bubblegum.”

Marlowe’s offbeat sense of humor and pure dedication has led her to create an incredibly interesting diverse cast of characters portrayed by an incredible cast. A group of talented actors has stepped up to support her vision allowing her to begin to bring the “Parker Bubblegum” universe to life.

Meet Emmy winning actress and New York Times best seller for her tween series, Pandora, Carolyn Hennesy as she inspires young creative minds.

Carolyn is a celebrity ambassador as well as on the board of directors for Breaking the Chains Foundation. Join her in the BTCF series, The Art of Writing, as she shares her personal insight as a writer and explains how writing can be used as a strong tool to bring forth the inner creativity that lies within each one of us. Writing can be a tool to not only enchant others, but also to inspire one’s own mind and soul to bring forth healing.



As Carolyn put it: “Nine years ago, if you’d turned to me and said ‘Carolyn Hennesy, you’re going to have eight books on the shelves and you’ll be a New York Times bestselling author,’ I would have looked at you like you had just sprouted purple antlers. ‘No, no… I’m always and only an actor,’ I would have replied. Looking back, I realize how silly that mindset was; but what if I had never written that first word? I realize that I am the quintessential living example of ‘you never know what’s just around the corner.’ Life tossed the gauntlet of literature in front of me and I snatched it up. Now, I’m creating whole new exciting worlds, peopling them as I wish, setting plots and stories in motion and determining each and every result using only my mind and my ten little helpers. If so, take heed, dear reader: what adventures might be waiting for you?”


2017 Emmy Winner Carolyn Hennesy


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